Friday, April 22, 2016

This Week in Neat-O

:: A Psychotic Rant About Going to the Cinema. I still don't think this Screening Room service is worth a damn unless you have a number of kids, so the cost evens out, but I do think it's long past time we bypass theaters and be able to rent movies at home they day of release. The theater (at these prices and with my financial situation) is just for stuff I want to see on the big screen, which tops out for me at between three and six movies a year (if I can afford it, because believe me, I would've loved to see Fury Road in a movie theater). I'll gladly pay an evening ticket price if it means I get to stay home, not deal with the crowd, and order a pizza. Staying home is premium add-on to me, just not fifty bucks premium.

:: Ranking: Every Disney Song From Worst to Best. Always thought about doing this myself.

:: Agoraphobia Is A Physical Illness: 5 Strange Realities. I have agoraphobia, but this Cracked article brought up some things I've actually never intellectualized before. (Particularly about the fear of having a fear response and the fear of feeling the shame of melting down in front of others.)

:: The new trailer for the Warcraft movie looks bizarre and stupid-fun.

:: Not sure what to think about The Girl on the Train. I was going to read that novel, so maybe it'll be one of my summer reads.

:: The Jason Bourne trailer... I don't know. I'm not excited about it. I know I'll see it, but this doesn't look that distinct from the other movies, and I'm not hanging on the story here, but I really like the first two movies, so I know I'll see it. These are all blending together now, just with a new growly old man who looks like he prefers to sit (Tommy Lee Jones this time). I guess they'll keep making these until Matt Damon's a growly old man who prefers to sit.

:: Bleeding Cool has all 25 variant covers for Betty & Veronica #1, and they're pretty wonderful.

:: In time for Earth Day: the Independence Day: Resurgence trailer.

Have a bright and sunny Earth Day, everyone. Rave un2 the joy fantastic.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Prince 1958-2016

Oh, come ON, 2016!

First you take David Bowie, and now Prince?

Why don't you just take all of the musicians I listen to when I want the world to feel okay for a while.

Prince is younger than my damn mother is, and she can barely stand up straight.

For the last couple of decades, all I've had to do when I felt at my absolute lowest was turn on "Raspberry Beret," and anything could feel okay. What a fantastic body of work. Even at his most musically challenging, I've always loved Prince. That Super Bowl halftime show in 2007 brought me to tears. Jesus.

Thanks for everything, man.

2016... knock it off, goddammit.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Muppet Monday

A pair of Muppet commercials from 1967.

First, this ad for Linit Fabric Fresh, featuring a homemaker played by Jenny O'Hara and Sir Linit, a knight made from a spray can.

And second, a 10-second spot for Tastee-Freez.

Seems like there were fewer commercials in 1967, as Jim was spending more time on experimental commercial films for IBM, Bufferin, etc. You can also see a test film for Gleem toothpaste, but with no sound, here.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Song of the Week: "Happy Phantom"

It's finally spring. Yesterday was the longest, most exhausting, most emotionally draining day at the farm yet--we found a bunch of old family photos that were not kept in a good place for the last decade, so a lot of things were ruined, and Becca was very emotional about it, understandably. Add to that, most of the farmers were tilling yesterday and we were burning trash and papers, so there was a lot of smoke and dust in the air, and mold from the storage, and I'm still not breathing great today. After a shower and a cool evening breeze and a pizza and a soda and some Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt last night, I feel much better, though. so here's a happy song for Song of the Week.

Tori Amos' Little Earthquakes is one of my touchstone albums, and I haven't listened to it in far, far too long. This track captures my mood today somewhat; I feel satisfied today. It's sunny, it's breezy, it's not too hot yet. Here's some happy piano, and the kind of thing I went to so I could try to feel good back when I was 15.