Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My Fireman's Uniform Was in the Wash

This guy, major White Sox fan, sits down next to me in class yesterday. This guy keeps going on and on about how the fan support is a major factor in the winning process, so obviously he's not exactly well-wired in the first place. When he sat down yesterday, he was wearing a Sox cap. Okay, fine. But he was also wearing a a Sox jersey (open, of course, because it's cooler that way, apparently) with the black, long-sleeved shirt underneath. Except for the jeans, he's dressed like a White Sox player.

Now, I don't know, for a grown man, how is this different from showing up to class dressed in a Starfleet uniform? Seriously, explain it to me. He doesn't play sports, he just watches them. He's not a baseball player, much less for the Chicago White Sox, so how is this not ridiculous? It's a grown man in a costume. He's wearing a fucking costume. But, look at the examples he gets: George W. Bush likes to put on a hat and tuck in his shirt and make believe he's a cowboy.

And tomorrow when I go to class, I'll be dressed like a pirate! Because I'm a big boy!