Sunday, July 16, 2017

Song of the Week: "Let the River Run"

My 41st birthday is tomorrow, and the first gift I received this year was a Carly Simon CD from Roger, so here's my favorite Carly Simon song. I knew who Simon was as a kid because my Dad always had a thing for her, and I liked the song "Coming Around Again," which had hit MTV two years before (and which I posted as a Song of the Week in 2015). I was 12 or so when this one came on the radio, written and recorded for the movie Working Girl, which is still a great movie. This one just filled me up in a way that still makes me feel good. Thanks for the gifts, Roger!


Roger Owen Green said...

I have to watch that film again. Saw it at the time - 30 YEARS AGO?, yikes - but I'm not remembering much.
Carly, BTW, was considered., by "conventional" standards, the least attractive of the Simon sisters, but surely she was the most sensuous.

Kelly Sedinger said...

As a James Bond fan, it may be sacrilegious of me to say this, but...this is the best movie theme Carly Simon did. I always loved this song. (The movie is very good, too--it holds up VERY well, even with the 1980s fashions.)