Sunday, February 26, 2017

Song of the Week: "Fish Heads"

I was sorry to hear about Bill Paxton's untimely death. I always loved seeing him in movies and on TV shows, and as a weird tribute to the man who gave me so many hours of enjoyment, I decided to make my Song of the Week the first thing I ever saw him in: the music video for Barnes & Barnes' legendary song "Fish Heads." The song--described on its Wikipedia page as "the most honored song in [Dr.] Demento show history"--is from 1978, and this short aired on Saturday Night Live in 1980, but I remember seeing it all the time in the very early days of MTV. Back then I was five or six, so of course the song made a big impression on me then, but I've never not loved it. It's one of those weird things that I absolutely love. Back then, my friends and I would just leave MTV on all day in the background, and when this played--especially if it was the full version, where the song doesn't start for two minutes--I'd always stop and watch and sing along. And yeah, it was the first thing I ever saw Bill Paxton in. RIP, Bill. Thanks for so much great stuff, of which this is just one bit.

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Roger Owen Green said...

One of my exes said the line about "Oriental women" was absolutely true in NYC.