Sunday, February 19, 2017

I Won't Give Up 'Til I Break High Score

Oh, man, was Pac-Man a big deal when I was a kid. This is a picture of my and my sister in the summer of 1982. Pac-Man, as I've said many times before, is the first video game I was really, really good at. I used to go to Showbiz Pizza Place all the time to play it, and their were crowds gathered around the machine because it was the big game and everyone wanted to play.

This week, "Weird Al" Yankovic officially released his song "Pac-Man" for the first time in 35 years. A parody of the Beatles song "Taxman," Dr. Demento played it on his show, but it was never released on any album. Instead it circulated, I think, mainly in one of several bootleg collections of songs played on Dr. Demento. It's my favorite of the "Weird Al" rarities; it was even my Song of the Week back in January 2009 (and the fan-made video is still there, which surprised me). The combination of two passions of mine, Weird Al and Pac-Man, in a song one hundred thousand times better than "Pac-Man Fever." I just never dug that song. Though I fully and proudly admit to never having cured my Pac-Man Fever. Hell, I play the classic game on my phone now when I'm waiting for appointments.

Here's the official release. Listen to it. Have some pizza. Get nostalgic, why not? I'd have it as Song of the Week except that I get all weird about repeating myself.

Also, this is wonderful confirmation that the upcoming Weird Al box set, Squeeze Box, is going to have these rarities on it. I don't know if people will consider "Baby Loves Burping" the lost gem that "Pac-Man" is. But I swear I will have this set.

Thanks especially to Roger for making sure that I saw that this was out there!


Autumn said...

Glad to see some posts from you, and sounding more cheerful! I haven't heard this song since I was in high school and my friends and I would burn cds of all the songs we had gotten off limewire for each other. It's nice to start my morning off with a nostalgia bomb!

I've been so excited for this box set, the only reason I haven't pre-ordered it yet is I can't figure out if I want it on CD or vinyl. Well, I want it on vinyl but I haven't figured out if I can budget an extra $100 for the vinyl set...

Roger Owen Green said...

I had forgotten the song existed; heard it years ago.
It combines my THREE passions: Pac Man (although I was better at the Ms.), Weird Al, and BEATLES!