Sunday, January 15, 2017

Song of the Week: "Who Will Survive America?"

From Amiri Baraka's obscure 1972 album It's Nation Time. The upcoming inauguration's got me feeling a little revolutionary and a lot angry. I'll let the song speak for itself.


randm said...

Thanks for posting this, I've never heard of this album. I met Baraka once when he was on tour. His show was great. Afterwards he was signing autographs and what impressed me was that he took the time to speak with every person in line for a few minutes. Not just polite chat, he seemed interested in the people who came to talk with me. I was student then and told him about the subject of my research and he suggested some books and films to check out.

SamuraiFrog said...

Apparently the album (which was on a Motown imprint) was so obscure that it's not even mentioned on his Wikipedia. Thanks for sharing your story about meeting Baraka.