Saturday, August 27, 2016

Halloween Season Has Opened

Boy, late August really is the start of the Halloween season anymore. I'm already seeing decorations and displays in the wild, which means it's time for some of my favorite Halloween snacks to start making a return and, hopefully, some new ones to start sneaking their way right into my heart.

Now, I still don't plan on making Halloween a daily thing here on the blog until October 1st, but since there's been a lot of early action, I want to mention a couple of things.

First, a tangential Halloween-ish thing: those Ghostbusters Twinkies.

I actually meant to mention these months ago, but they seem to fit in with Halloween. This summer had a LOT of Ghostbusters stuff. You really should've gone to see the movie, it was fun as hell, and a great birthday treat.

In addition to the return of Hi-C Ecto Cooler, which I've been drinking for a couple of months now, Hostess released some Twinkie tie-ins.

The first was the "Key Lime Slime" flavor, which... well, I think they missed something by not just calling it "Key S'Lime," the way they called last year's Halloween Twinkies "Orange S'Cream."

Overall, these were pretty good. I don't really love Twinkies, to be honest, but these were okay. I like key lime--oddly, it's one of my favorite yogurt flavors--but the taste of lime in the cream was pretty muted. More of a subtle aftertaste than a burst of lime. Good work, but not great. Still, the green was a pretty shade.

The other ghosty limited edition was "White Fudge Marshmallow," which were covered in white fudge and marshmallow flavor. These I liked less; I really only needed a few of them, and we still haven't finished the box that we bought back in early July. They're just too sweet for me.

Also, these are clearly Chocodiles. I don't know why they didn't use the name, but maybe it has no value in the marketplace anymore. Maybe Hostess 2.0 doesn't own the name. I dunno. But these are Chocodiles, man.

(Also, look at Stay-Puft up there, delighting in the gooey remains of his brethren marshmallow.)

So, overall, good but not great. I liked the Key Lime Slime better, even though it wasn't as lime-eriffic as I was hoping it would be. But limited edition candy and snacks and treats are always fun to me. This is the prelude to what I'm hoping is going to be a damn fun Halloween season. It's really getting me out of the late summer doldrums I always end up in, so that in itself is awesome.


My perennial fave, the Bag of Bones Cheetos, has returned to shelves! You know I love these things, and I really recommend you give it a shot if you haven't before. I know Cheetos are kind of disgusting, but the white cheddar flavor and the general fluffiness of the skeleton shapes somehow make all the difference. I can't say if the Flamin' Hot companion is a new addition this year or not, but I've come to love Flamin' Hot Cheetos and their rush of endorphin the last few years, so this is a fun pairing. One picks you up, the other soothes you.

Halloween season is off to a fantastic start!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Muppet Monday

I haven't really talked about it online, but this afternoon I'll be going in for my first of three sessions for psychological testing. I think the first session's an interview. I'm a little anxious about it ("a little anxious" for me equals "near-panic" for most other people I know). This is all to determine whether or not I actually have ADHD. It's over on campus, and today's the first day of classes, so that'll be fun. I know right where the building is (I took my psychology classes there), but parking is going to be an ordeal.

Anyway, since I'm doing psychological stuff, here's a short sketch from an episode of Muppets Tonight that starred Sandra Bullock and takes place in a psychiatrist's office. It's a play on the "Mahna, Mahna" sketch and has an appearance by Doglion, a monster that doesn't get enough screen time.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Song of the Week: "I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love with You"

I haven't had Tom Waits up in about four years. This is from his first album, 1973's Closing Time. (Yeah, this was supposed to go up yesterday, but I messed up setting the time once again.) This week, classes start at NIU, which means DeKalb is teeming with new people and this is generally my least favorite time of year. So, here's a pretty song before things get loud and annoying.