Friday, January 22, 2016

This Week in Neat-O

:: Interesting look at some of the direct influences on Ziggy Stardust.

:: Here are a couple of interesting posts that really look at the visual artistry of Mad Max: Fury Road that I think has unconsciously become part of the reason the film appeals to such a wide audience. Film editor Vashi Nedomansky put together a post about average shot length in modern action films, along with a video showing that, even with an average shot length of 2.1 seconds, Fury Road is still comprehensible to the brain and eye, even played at 12 times the correct speed. Fascinating stuff if one of your complaints about modern action films is that a lot of the action is exhausting and hard to watch. He also had a post last year about the center-framing of the cinematography which was really fascinating. One of the things that felt so damn refreshing about Fury Road last year is that it communicated all of its visual information in a way that... well, the filmmakers seemed to give a shit that you could actually see and understand what was happening in every shot. Too many filmmakers seem to not care about that anymore.

:: A Brief History of Swearing in Movies. An interesting short video.

:: Not really feeling the Suicide Squad trailer, though I find it... odd that a movie about mass murdering psychopaths and their guns is the time DC movies finally decide to stop being serious and have some fun. No thanks, Club Kid Joker.

:: If you've never seen it, check out Jazz "Hot", the 1938 short with a Django Reinhardt performance.

:: David Bowie's 25 Favorite Albums

:: More Bowie: hear him do impressions of other singers while messing around in the studio in 1985.

:: I feel like if you signed the useless petition to stop Kanye from recording a David Bowie covers album, then a) you need perspective, b) you need something else to worry about, and c) David Bowie taught you nothing about creative freedom.

:: A Picture Is Emerging: Everyone Who Has Ever Known Ted Cruz Grew To Hate His Guts. Even Bob Dole, apparently.

:: Charlotte Rampling says that the #OscarsSoWhite controversy is "racist to whites." Michael Caine says something less virulent but equally stupid. Maybe if you've spent decades as a white person benefitting from your white privilege in the film industry, you should not try and tell POC what racism is. Trust me, they know, and you're probably wrong.

:: Martin Luther King’s hate mail eerily resembles criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement

:: Late breaking news: Steven Moffat is stepping down as Doctor Who showrunner, and Chris Chibnall is taking over. Chibnall's Who episodes aren't good, but Broadchurch is excellent, so 50/50 on whether the show will actually be watchable again.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Muppet Monday

This is a neat little treat. A YouTube user took this sketch--the Beatles' "She Loves You," performed by the Bug Band in season 4 of The Muppet Show (the Dudley Moore episode)--and pitched the sound down. In the original version (which you can see here), the voices were electronically pitched up. This is, in order, Steve Whitmire, Dave Goelz, Jim Henson and Jerry Nelson performing.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Song of the Week: "Lazarus"

David Bowie's final video, completed just a few days before he died. Goodbye, David.