Wednesday, December 28, 2016

My 10 Favorite Movie & TV Posters of 2016

10. I am a sucker for these "off into adventure!" posters, and of course I like the Pacific imagery.

9. My character poster exception for this year, because K-2SO is one of my favorite Star Wars things ever. I won't complain about the onslaught of character posters this year, because I always do and it's tiresome. (Seriously, though, 22 separate posters for Office Christmas Party?)

8. Haven't seen this one yet, but I love the weirdness of this image.

7. That gritty reboot of Richard Scarry's Busytown.

6. I know it's become something of a cliche with me... so here's this year's "this looks like an evocative paperback cover from 40 years ago" poster.

5. Which does this (and the third act of the film) remind you of more? Vietnam or World War II? For me it was Vietnam.

4. I haven't seen The Shallows (and I've heard some not-great things about it) but this image evokes a specific kind of terror in me that brings back specific nightmares I've had in the past. And it reminds me of that great Richard Corben story "In Deep" from Creepy.

3. This one really hits the part of me that's eternally six. And the movie delivered on that feeling for me.

2. This poster captures the most stunning opening image from any movie I saw this year.

1. I just love the colors and the sense of adventure to it. It's a pulp novel I'd pick up in a heartbeat.

Honorable Mentions:

And a special mention:

It's not an official poster, but it fits the tone of the film for sure. The Neon Demon was the best film I saw all year. I know it's kind of polarizing and dismissed, but I thought it was excellent, and I love that it inspired so much weird art.

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