Monday, October 10, 2016

Muppet Monday

One of the weirdest/best episodes of The Muppet Show (episode 307) starred Alice Cooper. He spent the entire episode trying to steal the Muppets' souls for his dark master. The weirdest moment of the episode, and something I've never been able to forget, is this moment when Alice took this lovely lady monster aside and sang his sweet ballad "You and Me" with her. I always think the ability to act with the Muppets is underrated; the person acting opposite a Muppet is just as much a part of imbuing that Muppet with believable life as that Muppet's performer is. And here's Alice, singing this loving song about how sharing "a bed, some popcorn and TV" with this monster would make his life complete as though she were the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. It's amazing. It's weird. It's wonderful. It's the Muppets.

The monster, Beakie, is actually Miss Piggy transfigured by the Devil. Her singing is done by Louise Gold, but her speaking voice is Miss Piggy's voice, performed by Frank Oz, so it's unclear who is performing Beakie in this scene. But damn, what a scene.

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