Saturday, October 29, 2016

HALLOWEEN: Two by Tim Burton

I was watching The Nightmare Before Christmas this morning on Freeform. That used to be one of my favorite movies, until the internet and a marketing onslaught made me real sick of it, real fast. Hanging around on Tumblr, for example, in its early days, every day was pretty much terrible 90s sitcoms, Mean Girls (a movie I used to love but that I'm so sick of seeing referenced, quoted, giffed, and used a style guide without the movie's sense of satire that I'll never watch again), and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Too bad those True 90s Kidz weren't around back when Tim Burton movies were actually good. It was nice seeing Nightmare again--turns out I'm ready to love it once more (and I still remember all of the lyrics from repeat listens to the CD every Halloween to Christmas) (side note: damn, Henry Selick is a good director, and I like all of his films, even Monkeybone)--and it put me in mind of his 1982 short/love letter to horror and Vincent Price, Vincent. I posted that short here back in 2005 or 2006, but it's long gone, so I found this video.

This is sort of fan created double feature of Vincent and Tim Burton's other 1982 short, Hansel & Gretel, a very weird, very low-budget, neatly-designed live action short that aired twice on the (very new) Disney Channel in 1983 at Halloween. It's not necessarily a lost treasure, but it is a fascinating early work. So here's a little something for Halloween weekend.

(And to the user that made this: I love you for using the Disney Channel Studio Showcase bumpers and the nighttime sign-off. Made my day, for real.)

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