Sunday, September 04, 2016

Song of the Week: "I Think I'll Call It Morning"

A beautiful, soulful tune to start a late summer morning with. It's a beautiful day today, it's a holiday weekend, and I'm having chocolate-flavored coffee with apple cider donuts. From Gil Scott-Heron's impeccable 1971 LP Pieces of a Man.


Graham said...

Cool. Thanks for sharing. I first heard GS-H on SNL back in the 70's, when he performed "Johannesburg," then later when he appeared on the Sun City benefit album. From there, I picked up his Best of on Arista. Great original and unique talent. While I didn't necessarily agree with everything he wrote about, I agreed with a lot of it and his arguments were always thought-provoking.

Roger Owen Green said...

It was the political G S-H I went for, actually. This is nice, but, knowing who he became, almost TOO nice!