Monday, September 05, 2016

Muppet Monday

I used to race home after school to catch Fraggle Rock on HBO as a kid. Today, I don't know many people who loved that show when they were kids, but I sure as heck did. My Mom loved the Doozers; she thought they were just the cutest things. I remember seeing some of these in person at the Museum of Science & Industry around... 1986? 1987? I'm not sure of the year. I can't remember if Fraggle Rock was still on TV, and I'm not sure if Labyrinth had come out yet or not. But my parents were still together, so it was definitely pre-1988. I'm looking at the Muppet Wiki page for exhibits, and I don't recognize the names... the one that seems right is The Art of the Muppets, though it doesn't list a stop at the Museum of Science & Industry. It does list a stop at the Children's Museum in Illinois for a few months in 1985, but I'm not sure I've ever even been there. Still, it fits the time frame. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I always think that it was the Museum of Science & Industry because I saw a great exhibit there about robots that featured a large number of movie animatronics, including the shark from Jaws and Johnny Five from Short Circuit, around the same time. I'll have to ask one of my parents about it.

Anyway, I saw some of these guys in a museum, and it was neat seeing the various armatures and gears inside. There was a demonstration on how they worked. All the stuff I wanted to grow up to do.

So, today's Labor Day, and the Doozers work pretty dang hard, and they bring back some warm memories for me. This is "Doozer March Song (Set Your Shoulder)," written by Philip Balsam & Dennis Lee, which appeared in episode 19 of Fraggle Rock, "The Great Radish Famine," on May 16, 1983.

Happy Labor Day.

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Nathan said...

I never watched Fraggle Rock, but it seems like quite a few people around my age did, including my wife. Love for it isn't that uncommon in my own experience.