Tuesday, August 02, 2016

The Autobiography of a Frog, Part I: I Am Born

This is a project I wanted to start this summer. I've been doing a version of it on Tumblr, but I think the Tumblr's grown too far away from what I was trying to do, which is basically create for myself a scrapbook of my life. See, after the years on antidepressants and some of the mental events of my life, I have a lot of problems with my memory. Using Wikipedia to sort of reconstruct a timeline has been therapeutic for me, and I'm just going to restart it here. I turned 40 last month, and I've been trying to reflect a bit on how I live now and where came from and what kind of things turned me into the person I am today. So I'll be doing this occasionally. Maybe you'll find something of interest in it. Maybe not. It's cool either way.

I was born at 6:58 PM in Des Moines, Iowa. My first name, Aaron, is from the bible. My middle name, Robert, is after my great grandfather. America has just turned 200 and Gerald Ford is President, even though my baby book says Richard Nixon for some reason. Nixon resigned in 1974. Am I really 42? Hm, family secrets...

As I continue on past the day of my birth, I'm going to add more personal pictures, but also events from pop culture and from history, making note of what's going on in the world around me. Commercials, songs, stuff that I think is neat. But I promise to not make these things incredibly long.

This is my Mom in June 1976, not long before I was born. She turned 19 just six months before. My Dad was 21. I didn't really realize for a long time that I had pretty young parents. Because I did, I think they were more enthusiastic about things than they might otherwise have been. So much of the stuff I enjoyed doing--going to the movies, fishing, playing video games, having snowball fights--were also stuff they tended to enjoy. I had a lot of fun times as a kid. A lot of bad times, too, that were also because I had parents who were young, inexperienced, and emotional. My life could be pretty turbulent, but that turbulence seemed normal to me for a long time because it was what I knew. This is probably stuff I'll talk about, too, because it's stuff I've had a hard time dealing with.

So... welcome to my autobiography.

To be continued at undoubtedly inconsistent intervals.


Roger Owen Green said...

I suspect the book said Nixon was president because it was made after he was reelected and expected him to be president until 1/20/1977

SamuraiFrog said...

Oh, that's a good explanation. I hadn't thought of that.

Roger Owen Green said...

Well, it helps if you lived through it. The advantage of being old enough to be your father.