Monday, August 29, 2016

Muppet Monday

A bit of a cheat today, as I heard the sad news that Gene Wilder passed away and I wanted to put something here. Unfortunately, he never worked with the Muppets, but he did appear in the 1999 Hallmark TV movie Alice in Wonderland. It was as varying and inconsistent in quality as literally every version of Alice in Wonderland I've ever seen, but I like this little bit with Wilder as the Mock Turtle, singing with a Griffin. The creatures were by Jim Henson's Creature Shop, so it's tangentially Muppety. Wilder was a fantastic comic actor, and Young Frankenstein is forever in my heart, but I first knew him from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and I always love him best playing these touching weirdos in children's entertainment. So will you, won't you, join the dance?

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Roger Owen Green said...

Willy Wonka I actually saw MUCH later than the other films. I'm sure I saw Young Frankenstein, then Blazing Saddles, then the Prior movies, then the Producers