Friday, July 15, 2016

The Book Light Lady, Again

Some of you may remember a post I did last October about a woman my wife and I call the Book Light Lady. She's an elderly woman I used to see at the movies all the time, until we more or less stopped going to movies because of the cost, or started mostly going to a different theater when we could. She's one of my favorite things about my life in DeKalb, even though I've never spoken to her. She's just a reassuring presence for me, going to early showings of genre movies and such.

When I wrote about her last year, it was because I'd seen her at a Sunday morning screening of Ant-Man, the movie we went to see for my birthday last July. I hadn't seen her in a couple of years, and was thrilled to see she was still out there, waiting for the movie to start with her book light on, reading to herself and then really enjoying the movie, totally unafraid to laugh and enjoy herself even if she's only one of 8 or 10 people there. (Seriously, you ever notice how, when it's a small audience, people get self-conscious and don't want to laugh out loud?)

Well, my birthday's on Sunday, and I've been having little treats here and there. Getting Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens for PS3. Becca getting me fun shirts. Just doing little, cool things.

And then this afternoon we went to a 12:30 showing of Ghostbusters after I got out of therapy.

Becca and I walked into the theater, and the first thing we saw: the Book Light Lady! I haven't seen her since we saw Ant-Man last year, even though we've been to that theater a couple of times this year (and thank you, Carl and Kate, for that gift card, because I've been enjoying myself at the show--and also, happy birthday, Kate, you magnificent lady!). But there she was, reading to herself and waiting for the movie to start.

Damn... the only thing that could've made going to see a movie on my birthday more special was the presence of the Book Light Lady. Her presence is one of my birthday presents.

(Presence, presents. See what I did there? Nothing. I did nothing.)

(Also, Ghostbusters is an incredibly fun, very funny movie that I wholeheartedly recommend.)


Sam G said...

It is very nice to have a reassuring figure (so to speak) show up every so often. Happy Birthday (early) to you Mr. Frog. I'm saying it now cause I know I'll forget later.

SamuraiFrog said...

Thank you!