Sunday, July 03, 2016

Song of the Week: "Pretend to Be Nice"

For some reason, this one started running through my head when I was out on Friday. And I'm not complaining, because this is my favorite song on the soundtrack of the 2001 movie Josie and the Pussycats, a movie that was unjustly forgotten and bombed critically for reasons I still don't understand. I think it's pretty brilliant as a parody of how outlandishly manufactured the teen music industry was at the time... I mean, it still is, but back then it seemed to be not even bothering to hide it. And it's one of the only movies I've seen smart enough to turn product placement into a running gag. I don't know, maybe it captures a moment in time too closely and too well, but this is an underrated flick. When Jem and the Holograms flopped last year, I was one of a small chorus telling people to see this movie, because it was smart, funny, and fun. And it has Rosario Dawson, come on!

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