Friday, June 03, 2016

This Week in Neat-O

I didn't do this last week because Inoreader had a big data loss and most of the stuff I had saved to share here just disappeared. If it comes back, I'll share anything interesting but, well, let's just move forward.

:: Why Disney needs a gay princess.

:: Ghostbusters, Frozen, and the strange entitlement of fan culture

:: Fandom Is Broken

:: Yes, Disney Should Have A Queer Princess

:: I Got Death Threats For Reporting On A Video Game Delay

:: Cancellation and the Art of Muppet Fan Journalism

:: 6 Reasons Heath Ledger's Joker Ruined Comic Book Movies

:: Here's an amazing YouTube page with opening title sequences to lost, forgotten, and quickly-canceled sitcoms.

:: An Oral History of ILM’s ‘Dragonheart’ On Its 20th Anniversary. I have an enormous soft spot for this movie, mainly because I loved the novelization so much (written by the film's writer, Charles Edward Pogue, and a much better story than the actual movie, which is similar but has almost no depth) and I was excited about the SFX. This article is mainly about ILM and Phil Tippett's work on the film, and very interesting if you're into FX and creatures like me.

:: A State Set in Stoned: Colorado’s Mellow View on Legal Marijuana



MC said...

Watching those show openings, it is fun imagining a world where they became the series that lasted forever rather than what happened in ours.

Roger Owen Green said...

Ah, it's inevitable that I will be linking to something you linked to. The clue: Schenectady!