Sunday, June 26, 2016

Quick Statement on a Change in My Life

It goes like this: no matter who you are--friend, family member, casual acquaintance, frequent commenter, whomever--if you support Donald Trump for President of the United States, never speak to me again.

It's that simple.

If you support this bigot, this racist, this climate change denier, this advocate for the lax gun regulations that lead to regular massacres, you are not the kind of person I will listen to. You are not reasonable. And if you can overlook such things because of some other empty campaign promise, you're a coward.

I'm not one of those "Well, I have to keep peace with this racist or Islamophobe or homophobe or misogynist or gun evangelist because I'm related to him/her" kind of people. I'm sick of living in your world.

And if you want something that affects me even more personally, this is a guy who wants to repeal Obamacare, which is something that I need to live. If you think I don't have the right to live because I happen to be poor and handicapped, then why, oh, why would I ever need to talk to you? You don't respect me. Why bother trying to talk to someone who doesn't even respect that I should be alive?

No, fuck Trump. And if you support him, I don't want you in my life.


Roger Owen Green said...

Here's a link I'll be linking to at the end of the month: Trump and the evangelicals. Michael Rivest finds the "religious" leaders who support Trump even more reprehensible than DJT. I tend to agree.

Oblio said...

I 100% agree with your decision, and although I will stop short of asking Trumpeteers to exit my life, I don't hold back on my truthful smackdown of him no matter who is saying they think he's anything short of being a Cheeto-faced moron. For me, those who support him are either willfully overlooking his blathering incompetence or are just ignorant of the world that exists 2 inches beyond their nose. Thankfully, there's no middle ground when it comes to Drumpf. Fuck that guy!

Autumn said...

I was sitting here trying to figure out a way to phrase how much I agree with you but I can't even think about writing down all of the problems I have with Trump without getting angry. And I cannot express how ashamed and embarrassed and disgusted I am that people support him and agree with him.

So thanks for putting your feelings out there like that, it's nice to hear someone take this seriously.

Carl said...

My in laws. Supporting him simply because of an entrenched die-hard allegiance to the GOP, no matter who the candidate. If it were a rotting carcass with a flag pin lapel, they'd vote for him if he were on the red ticket. I'm jealous of your resolve. I'll be biting my tongue up north in Wisconsin this weekend, but admiring your conviction from afar.

Professor Chaos said...

Hear, hear! I had to "de-friend" a couple of relatives for that very reason.