Friday, April 15, 2016

This Week in Neat-O

:: Jon Benjamin (whom I'll always love as the voice of Bob Belcher, because seriously, I just don't dig Archer) put out an album of himself playing jazz piano, despite not knowing how to play the piano. Here's a playlist of some tracks via YouTube. Although, honestly, the best part for me was that I kept cracking up and my wife couldn't figure out why. "Because he can't play the piano," I said. "Oh, is it supposed to be bad? I honestly can't tell the difference." So sincere, too. Just cracked me up. She hates jazz. Well, some married people have religious differences.

:: My body doesn’t need a cure: Sizeism, classism and the big-business hustle of the clean-eating industry

:: Climate Change Is Going To Hurt Us In A Lot Of Weird Ways

:: 6 Ways US Elections Look Insane To Non-US Citizens

:: Loving the Doctor Strange teaser. Still not thrilled about the casting, but Marvel's earned my trust by now.

:: This is actually the best explanation I've read for why millennials support Sanders more than Clinton.

:: 5 Things I Learned Making The Biggest Flop In Game History. Always fascinated by the history of Atari.

:: The trailer for The Neon Demon, which I very much want to see. Hell, here's the UK trailer.

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