Sunday, April 10, 2016

Song of the Week: "I Can Be Afraid of Anything"

I just sort of randomly came across this when reading about 2015 music. This is a band called The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die from their album Harmless. I'd never heard of them before. I heard them referred to as "maximalist rock" and "post-rock," two terms I have literally never heard, so this is new territory for me. (The Wikipedia page on post-rock is kind of interesting; I've heard of a number of the bands mentioned, but barely listened to them; definitely not the music I've been following, but it's interesting to explore a genre I'm unfamiliar with.) I love the build on this song, and the lyrics resonate with me, particularly "I really did dig my own hole... I'm climbing out" and especially "Being this age always seemed so far away." I feel like I've been doing a bit better lately, and this one made me feel like it's okay to not be there yet, as long as I'm making my way towards it. Anyway, a nice one for a Sunday afternoon, waiting for dough to rise, enjoying the pie I made this morning. The world seems okay right now.

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