Sunday, April 17, 2016

Song of the Week: "Happy Phantom"

It's finally spring. Yesterday was the longest, most exhausting, most emotionally draining day at the farm yet--we found a bunch of old family photos that were not kept in a good place for the last decade, so a lot of things were ruined, and Becca was very emotional about it, understandably. Add to that, most of the farmers were tilling yesterday and we were burning trash and papers, so there was a lot of smoke and dust in the air, and mold from the storage, and I'm still not breathing great today. After a shower and a cool evening breeze and a pizza and a soda and some Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt last night, I feel much better, though. so here's a happy song for Song of the Week.

Tori Amos' Little Earthquakes is one of my touchstone albums, and I haven't listened to it in far, far too long. This track captures my mood today somewhat; I feel satisfied today. It's sunny, it's breezy, it's not too hot yet. Here's some happy piano, and the kind of thing I went to so I could try to feel good back when I was 15.

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Nathan said...

I love this song, although I'm sure it's partially because I like unrelated cultural figures being mashed together. I mentally associate the line "Judy Garland taking Buddha by the hand" with the XTC's "We're all Jesus, Buddha, and the Wizard of Oz."