Monday, April 18, 2016

Muppet Monday

A pair of Muppet commercials from 1967.

First, this ad for Linit Fabric Fresh, featuring a homemaker played by Jenny O'Hara and Sir Linit, a knight made from a spray can.

And second, a 10-second spot for Tastee-Freez.

Seems like there were fewer commercials in 1967, as Jim was spending more time on experimental commercial films for IBM, Bufferin, etc. You can also see a test film for Gleem toothpaste, but with no sound, here.


Pat O'Connor said...

Wow, Jenny sure was a cutie. Still is. I am in a film with her being release of Amazon and Itunes on June 3 called BFF's. A tremendous hit on the festival circuit last year that I hope you will check out.

SamuraiFrog said...

Thanks for the link!