Tuesday, April 12, 2016

12 Albums

Jumping off of something Roger did on his blog. It's from Facebook and it goes like this: Copy this and paste in your status update, list 12 albums that have stayed with you, but only 1 per band/artist. Don’t take too long and don’t think too hard… No compilations.

It's weird how my brain has sort of let go of a lot of the catalogs of trivia I've had up there for a long time, so this will really be a list of albums that have stayed with me even despite bouts of depression and memory-killing medications...

1. Pet Sounds, The Beach Boys. As I've said many times, the final album I'd ever want to hear in my life. Ever since high school, this has been something of an emotional guardian for me.

2. Volume One, Traveling Wilburys. Another one that's just always been there for me, and one that gives me great comfort going back to. When I first listened to it, in junior high, I'd never really listened to the principles very much. That was one of the worst times in my life--parents divorcing, the loss of all my friends, having to move out of the only home I remembered--and that album brought me some of my only moments of joy.

3. Dare to Be Stupid, "Weird Al" Yankovic. To the surprise of none of you, I imagine. I've talked a lot about this one, too.

4. Songs in the Attic, Billy Joel. My favorite-ever live album, featuring energetic, mostly superior versions of some of my favorite of his early songs.

5. Bat Out of Hell, Meat Loaf. Maybe my second favorite album of all time. I like rock that thinks its opera about teenage angst.

6. Station to Station, David Bowie. He had better albums, but I think is actually my personal fave. "Word on a Wing" just makes me soar.

7. Boys for Pele, Tori Amos. You might not know this, but I was all about Tori Amos in the early and mid-90s.

8. Forever Changes, Love. Psychedelic rock that never fails to knock my socks off. Ambitious and sweeping, but also confident and intimate.

9. Music from "The Elder", KISS. I know this album is widely hated, but this is exactly the kind of weird, orchestral, art-damaged rock music that I love. I listened to this thing over and over and over again while watching Becca play Ocarina of Time back in the late 90s, and to me it's just the perfect soundtrack to epic fantasy.

10. Songs of Leonard Cohen, Leonard Cohen. The kind of soft-but-emotionally-harrowing baroque folk-rock that really moves me. Like a darker Fairport Convention.

11. What's Going On, Marvin Gaye. God, I love soul music, and the sincere social consciousness of the album is truly moving.

12. Live Through This, Hole. The only grunge album I really dug at the time grunge was actually popular.


Roger Owen Green said...

Don't know the Hole or KISS albums - I was actively ignorant of the band even after I bought the Marvel Comics featuring them - but that's a fine list. You're right, though: you have to let go to do this.

Oblio said...

1. Sandinista-Clash 2. Holland-Beach Boys 3. Road To Ruin-Ramones 4. Pearl-Janis Joplin 5.Phoenix-Grand Funk Railroad 6. Field Day-Marshal Crenshaw 7.A Hard Day's Night-Beatles 8. Abraxas-Santana 9. Amor-Eydie Gorme y Trio Los Panchos 10. Kaya-Bob Marley 11. Diva-Annie Lennox 12. Ingenue-kd Laing... WOW... that was tough! I like your list too, very eclectic.

SamuraiFrog said...

Roger: I knew of KISS, but I didn't really listen to them until I was in my twenties. They just weren't a big deal in my formative music years. And I love this album, but it's very uncharacteristic of the band. I do have a Very Best of KISS collection, and that's all I've really needed.

Oblio: Interesting list. I love Holland; "Sail On, Sailor" is a favorite, and I dig the California Saga. I remember hearing the Annie Lennox and kd lang albums in high school because my Mom had them. "Constant Craving" still just gets me, man.

MC said...

My too with Tori Amos, me too.