Saturday, February 06, 2016

Sports Cartoons

Super Bowl 50 is tomorrow, and I'm not really into that, but here's something sports-related. If you're my age, you might remember the series Sports Cartoon from Canada's Lamb Perlman Productions. They aired as interstitial cartoons on Nickelodeon in 1985; they were really short but always made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Anyway, here's 47 minutes' worth of them. These are great.


MC said...

I had totally forgotten about these. They used to show them all the time on YTV I think (or it might have been on our equivalent of HBO during the day).

SamuraiFrog said...

When I was watching this, I thought they aired on HBO, but apparently it was Nickelodeon. I think I'm thinking about how HBO used to run Animalympics all the time.