Sunday, February 21, 2016

Song of the Week: "Black and White"

Greyhound was a UK reggae group; this was their first single in 1971. I knew this as a so-so Three Dog Night single, but I guess I never really listened to the lyrics. It's actually about the Brown v. Board of Education decision. Written by Earl Robinson, it was recorded by Pete Seeger in 1956. (Sammy Davis, Jr. also recorded it, and so did the Maytones.) This just came up randomly on Tumblr, and I dig it more than the Three Dog Night version. I think the song really works as a reggae single. Apparently, this was the version that inspired the Three Dog Night recording.

Note: Why can't I set the post scheduler right? This is another one that was supposed to pop up Sunday, not Monday...

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Roger Owen Green said...

Jaquandor has been making a similar complaint about the scheduler.