Sunday, February 07, 2016

Snow Speeder

I shared these on my Facebook already, so apologies if you're seeing them twice, but I spent Friday evening building a Lego set that Chris (aka Some Guy) sent me around Christmas. Haven't built an actual set (not even one of my old ones) in years. Chris sent me this Snow Speeder and also an AT-AT which is the next thing I need to build. Thanks so much for the fun time and for being so generous! (Apparently Chris contacted my wife about doing this, so it was a complete surprise when two packages came in the mail.)

I decided to put it over in front of my Star Wars poster and play around with the camera on my new tablet (it came with the phone plan; my wife needed a new plan since she was still on her late mother's). This is usually where we put our Christmas tree.

Special guest appearance: Godzilla.

Just wanted to share these and say thanks again! I'll put up pictures of the AT-AT once I've built it.

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