Monday, January 04, 2016

Muppet Monday

I'm having a rough morning this morning, trying to clean before the pest control guy gets here for the usual January inspection, and I'm having some trouble... three years in therapy and I still have emotional breakdowns over the vacuum cleaner. Yeah, hire me for a job... So, there are no Muppets in this one, but it's still wonderful and it satisfied my ADHD (or whatever) this morning, so here you go.

This is Jim Henson's Oscar-nominated short film Time Piece from 1965. I know I've had it up some time before in the past 11 years; it's one of my favorite things he ever did. I always love this kind of rapid montage, free form jazz, rhythmic piece. It's all music and editing, sounds and surreal sights, punctuated by one word, repeated four times. It's an experimental film, using a lot of the same techniques Jim would later use in his Sesame Street films, many implemented by puppet builder Don Sahlin: cutout animation, pixellation, reverse motion, etc. (Sahlin also plays the guy who gets hit in the face with the pie.) You can see Frank Oz running past in an office (he's also in the gorilla suit), and the girl is played by Enid Cafritz, a portrait artist.

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