Friday, August 28, 2015

This Week in Neat-O

For some reason, I've seen people talking lately about Miley Cyrus' "infamous" 2013 VMA performance, where after years of sexualizing Miley, the media decided they couldn't handle Miley owning her own sexuality and started a massive round of slut-shaming. Anyway, I thought Miley's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel this week, where she talks mostly about the double standard of public nudity, was pretty fantastic. I love Miley. I grew up feeling embarrassed about myself and as a result withdrew pretty hard; Miley isn't afraid to just be who she is, and I really admire that.

:: Here's a fascinating, harrowing six-page letter that Marilyn Monroe wrote to her psychiatrist in 1961 about her four-day stay in a mental hospital.

:: 5 Subtle Ways Hollywood Taught You To Be A Worse Person has some interesting points. I do tend to be pointlessly insulting in the way the article describes, and it's been both surprisingly hard and surprisingly easy to do.

:: A fan site has posted the wonderful 1982 DC Comics Style Guide to Facebook. We've seen a lot of the wonderful art by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez online before, but this is the first time I've seen the entire thing, and it's majestic. Lots of extra art added. This is a level of unapologetic fun that DC Comics is never going to return to, and that's a shame.

:: A little tease of The Force Awakens. Love that shot at the end. I'm still cautiously excited.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Song of the Week: "Brick"

It took me a little while with this song. Back in '98, when this one was a big hit, I was driving a delivery van for a living, and I only had a radio in the van. No tape deck, no CD, so I was at the mercy of flipping across a few listenable stations. You don't realize until you're in that position just how much popular stations really played the same stuff over and over again all day long. This song was pretty and after a few dozen listens, it came to be a pretty pleasant background. But because I was always preoccupied with work while I was listening to it, I didn't really listen to the lyrics for a very long time, and I didn't realize it was the prettiest song I'd ever heard about two teenagers getting an abortion. So, pretty, but sad. And it makes me nostalgic for... well, a time when I personally had fewer responsibilities. Fitting for a cold, dark, rain-tinged morning like I'm having here in Illinois.