Friday, April 17, 2015

This Week in Neat-O

Damn, what a week. I watched all of Daredevil on Saturday and absolutely loved it, particularly Vincent D'Onofrio as Wilson Fisk. Then there was all this Star Wars stuff that has me excited. So here are some other things, not all of them Star Wars-related, that made my week more fun.

:: Speaking of Daredevil, Comics Alliance has a breakdown of the impressive corridor fight sequence that I think rivals True Detective for a great single take.

:: Tough Pigs has been collecting those Muppet Moments from Disney Junior. Also, here are some pictures of the makeover of the Sesame Street set.

:: I love Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine, but never more than when he posts Plastic Man, Captain Marvel, Dick Briefer's Frankenstein, or Walt Kelly. So here's a Walt Kelly from a couple of weeks ago: "The Emperor's New Clothes." Plays like a Disney cartoon that was never made.

:: The Roles That Got Away with Bruce Campbell

:: Breathtaking Views of Iconic Cities, Filmed By Flying Drones

:: Tired of oral histories yet? I'm sure not. The AV Club has a new one about the making of Airplane!

BB-8 was apparently the hit of this year's Celebration. I love how when we first saw him in the preview, people complained about the CGI and about how impractical the design was (and boy do I love it when people start going on and on about what's impractical in their pet fictional universe of gangster slugs and magic caves), and then it turns out to be an actual robot. Nicely done, Lucasfilm. Here's the video of BB-8's Celebration appearance. I'll be honest, this alone wins me over, but you know how much I love creatures.

:: Speaking of creatures, one of my favorite movies to learn about the making of is Return to Oz. Since it disappointed at the box office, you don't see much about it, but it's another creature movie that fascinated and inspired me. So it was neat to see these behind-the-scenes pictures. I haven't seen much of this stuff since 1985, just before the movie came out.

:: I'm not checking out the Terminator: Genisys or Batman v. Superman trailers because, honestly, who the hell cares? However, I did love the Ant-Man trailer. I also enjoyed the American trailer for When Marnie Was There, possibly the last Studio Ghibli film.

:: I can't help it, I'm charmed by the way the actors who play the Avengers act like an adorable dysfunctional family. I am indeed xazzed about the Star Wars trailer, but the MCU is basically my Star Wars right now. Anyway, here they are playing Family Feud on Kimmel.

:: Brad Bird's 1980 pencil test for a movie based on The Spirit. One of many great-sounding unrealized animation projects from the era.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Film Week

A review of the films I've seen this past week.

Interesting, atmospheric haunting movie from the director of The House of the Devil. I liked that film a lot more, but this one created an interesting mood. One of the common complaints I see about this movie is that nothing really happens, but I don't necessarily agree; it's just that it's more about the mood itself rather than the situation, and how it builds just really depends a lot on how much you're willing to buy into it. Then again, I did forget for a while that I saw it... ***

GAMBIT (2012)
A remake of the 1966 caper movie, written by the Coen Brothers and starring Colin Firth as an art dealer trying to fleece his prick boss (Alan Rickman). It has some decent moments--it even threatens to become charming at times--but it's sunk by its rather laid-back tone and Cameron Diaz's bizarre, over the top performance as a Texas rodeo queen. **1/2

I wish I'd seen this when I was 8. I would have loved it as a kid. As an adult, well... remember when Super 8 came out and its critics were calling it Steven Spielberg Presents Steven Spielberg Movies: The Movie? Here you'd just need to remove the Steven Spielberg Presents part. It's about a group of kid friends who live in a neighborhood that's being demolished (like The Goonies) and then get on their bikes for an adventure (like The Goonies). They end up finding an alien that's lost on Earth and trying to get back home, but the alien is being chased by government functionaries (like E.T., which the movie does not do itself any favors comparing itself to). And then they have adventures that also resemble Gremlins and Poltergeist with a little bit of Back to the Future, and then they use the alien's ability to manipulate metal to find its ship so it can go home (like... er, Super 8). It's derivative, but it has a good heart; I can't really hate it for that. Also, Echo, the robotic alien, is a really nice creature, and the special effects are strong. And I didn't hate the found footage format. Still, it never rises above "Oh, this would be nice for little kids." Or at least for the little kid I used to be. **1/2

Lifetime finally got to the next two sequels to Flowers in the Attic. They're crazy, but not in the fun way you hope they'll be crazy. If There Be Thorns is directed okay, but the whole religious fundamentalism plot was just too irritating to have to deal with. Seeds of Yesterday's direction is sub-porno levels; I guess all the money for that one went into the house and not into, say, hiring good actors. Other than some great choices on the part of whomever dressed Sammi Hanratty, it was just a mess that got creepier and creepier.

Pretty good animated adaptation of the greatest Hulk story ever. Some of the story beats got cut for time, but it was still a fun watch. Interesting choice to replace Silver Surfer in the movie with Beta Ray Bill, but I love Beta Ray Bill, so I was pretty happy. Not much to say about it, but I enjoyed it. ***

Monday, April 13, 2015

Muppet Monday

Taraji sure eats the hell out of that cookie. Respect.

Song of the Week: "Harder Than You Think"

Public Enemy's 20th anniversary single from 2007, because I'm pissed off about everything in the news this week.