Thursday, December 24, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Christmas Edition

That's me on Christmas 1976, my first. That's my maternal grandfather holding me. He lives in Des Moines now. That house is the house I grew up in (in Woodridge, Illinois), and you know, the entire time we lived there (until 1990), we never changed that curtain...

Here I am again with Grandpa in 1977, my second Christmas. For the first time, those wrapped presents behind me have really caught my eye. My Mom always used to buy similar wrapping paper to that design.

Christmas portrait, 1977.

Christmas 1978. In the top picture, with my Mom, and in the bottom picture, with my Grandma. I wonder how much longer we had that rooster lamp. This was in Texas, at the military housing in Fort Hood where my Dad was stationed. Of interesting note to me is the Santa Claus ornament, which I still have; it's on my tree right now.

Also, those ball ornaments on the tree were covered in colored thread. They didn't make it into my adulthood.

Me and Jayne at Christmas in 1979, Jayne's first Christmas. She was 11 and a half months old. This is at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Woodridge again, which sometime in the next year would become our house when they Grandpa's job transferred him over to Guam.

Also, Christmas portraits from '79. I wonder how I was feeling that day. I just feel like I have that look of "Let's just get through this." Also, you can tell my Mom is still cutting my hair. Oy.

(My Mom hates it when I make fun of my hair in these old pictures, but c'mon, look at it. Look at it.)

Christmas 1980, and the house is now our permanent residence. I have some of those other ornaments still, too. And I still have that stuffed dinosaur! It's on a shelf in the bedroom.

And the 1980 Christmas portrait.

And here's the one from 1981. Same turtleneck, or a different one? I'll never know for sure. Gosh, I used to be in a good mood a lot of the time as a kid...

Merry Christmas from 1981 and my kick-ass Yoda shirt! Damn, I'm full of the swagger you only have when you're five. My hair looks good grown out like that, too. It looks... very 1981. Damn, after this photo, let's go to Showbiz Pizza and play Pac-Man, and then we can listen to New Wave bands on the radio while we head to a second run theater to catch a showing of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Damn, I think I'm going to do all of that stuff today...

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