Monday, December 28, 2015

My 10 Favorite Movie & TV Posters of 2015

10. No interest in the movie, but the poster is evocative as heck.

9. Because Pac-Man.

8. I dig the moodiness of this one... It reminds me of being at the Shedd Aquarium or the Field Museum as a boy, just caught up in the weird mystery of the creatures on display. This poster, more than almost anything else, made me want to see Jurassic World. Still haven't yet, but all things in time.

7. Haven't seen this yet, either, and I hear mixed things about it (it's the Internet Age, I hear mixed things about everything), but I like the design of the robot and the artwork and theme here remind me of the Mark Zug illustrations for Harlan Ellison's published I, Robot screenplay.

6. Well, c'mon.

5. I like this because it looks like the modern DVD cover of a French New Wave movie from 1965. Or like the modern trade paperback version of a novel from the same time and place. Hits my aesthetic.

4. Same deal, really. It reminds me of a 2003 version of a 1962 science fiction paperback. And I haven't seen the movie, but the novel itself had that kind of pulpy, breezy feel.

3. Agent Carter had a few great posters, but this one--with the bold background and the giant lettering--hit me the most.

2. Of the thousands of Force Awakens posters, this is the one that really did it for me. Just a girl and a droid and the sunset, with endless possibilities stretching out before them.

1. I would really like to have this poster. This just fits me so perfectly. It's bizarre, it's weird, it's oddly calming, and it's Stew... it's just kind of wonderful.

Honorable Mentions:

And a special mention...
...because last year I lamented that I didn't get a third year in a row with a Vanessa Hudgens character poster. This year, I did get one, so thanks for hearing me, universe.

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