Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Muncher Update

You may or may not remember this year's Jack O'Lantern, Muncherdammerung.

I gave my ghost pig a somewhat nervous mouth line, as though he were surprised to find himself a ghost, but also figured it was coming. "Good grief," he seems to say. "I guess this is just what happens to me."

Well, he went out on my porch a month ago, and you know how I like to leave my pumpkins out so that the local squirrels and birds have something to eat when it gets really cold out. Well, here's Muncher today...

Well, the local fauna have indeed been digging on my pig pal. I'm starting to regret giving him that expression, though. As his slow lobotomy continues on, that Charlie Brown frown just looks sadder and sadder. Poor depressed Muncher, his ghost head caving in, seems to think "I'm a ghost, I thought my pain was over. But I guess it's not. Oh, well. The afterlife is just like regular life."

Jeez, my creations accept their suffering with a sense of the inevitable.


Carl said...

I just left a pumpkin out for all the critters to enjoy, and nobody's touched it. I think Muncherdammerung can take solace in the fact that his gruesome prolonged death can give sustenance to others.

SamuraiFrog said...

The thing that really gets me, weirdly enough, is how well that paint's held up through the rain and snow.