Friday, December 25, 2015

Larry Christmas, Everybody

Well, we made it. It's the 25th, and the sun's just starting to come up. I've got the tree lights on, casting a warm glow in the dark, the grass is... er, green... and except for the fact that my allergies are really acting up today, I think it's gonna be a nice one. This has been a hard Christmas season, losing my mother-in-law earlier this month, and today we'll honor her memory with an Italian Christmas dinner. (I'll also honor my Grandma's memory by making fudge, which I hope turns out alright, because I've never done it before...) But there have been good times, too, and I want to thank everyone for their condolences and their support. I especially want to thank Chris for his unexpected gift of Legos, Kelly for the book I was most looking forward to this year, Becca for a gigantic stocking full of my favorite candy, GameStop for having a way marked-down copy of Lego Jurassic World, Dad for an immeasurable amount of help, Heath for donation that helped us when we needed it most, and Carl and Kate for the gift that made Star Wars possible (and will doubtless help make it possible three or four more times).

This year's Christmas haul:

:: Song of the Week: "When the River Meets the Sea"
:: Calvin and Hobbes, 1989
:: Muppet Monday
:: Peanuts, 1973
:: "The Virgin's Slumber Song"
:: Mutts
:: Tumblr Finds I
:: Tumblr Finds II
:: Song of the Week: "Ríu Ríu Chíu"
:: Calvin and Hobbes, 1990
:: Muppet Monday
:: Peanuts, 1974
:: "It Won't Seem Like Christmas"
:: Tumblr Finds III
:: Song of the Week: "Silent Night"
:: Peanuts Stamps 2015
:: Muppet Monday
:: Mutts Again
:: Peanuts, 1975-1978
:: "One More Sleep 'Til Christmas"
:: Throwback Thursday: Christmas Edition
:: Good Yule
:: and whatever else might be hanging around from Christmases past.

Holiday or no, have a safe and peaceful day. My local Walmart is actually closed until tomorrow, so this is a day when unexpected miracles can occur.

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