Sunday, November 01, 2015

Song of the Week: "Celebrity Skin"

I've talked before about how it took me a long time to really start giving grunge a chance; when it was dominating the radio, I was checking out from mainstream music. It was aimed at depressed teenagers when I myself was a depressed teenager, but it still passed me by, mostly because the fans I knew were fashion grunge, and I had serious problems no one wanted to hear about. However, I did love one contemporary album, which was Hole's Live Through This. Everyone talks about how Nevermind was their seminal album, but I never actually sat and listened to it until this year. Sometimes you have to get away from the fans a decade or two to let yourself appreciate something, and most of the people I knew who loved Nevermind were scumbags (and in one case, someone who mentally abused me). But the way people describe Nevermind is how I always felt about Live Through This. That was a seminal album for me.

Hole's 1998 follow-up Celebrity Skin, however, didn't live up to it. But I really dug this song. It's probably the power pop vibe. Not the direction I expected Hole to go in, and the album didn't really sell it, but it's a great little single.

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