Friday, November 06, 2015

Health Update Again

So, that cold/sinus thing that I came down with on Monday night has turned out to be the flu.

That, coupled with how low I was on Monday after my psychiatry appointment, has made for a real downer of a week. I'm sorry I haven't really been talking to anyone, but I got a lot of supportive comments and emails that spun out of my last post. I try not to have breakdowns like that on my blog, but anyone who's been following me for even a little bit knows that it's not always easy for me. Having the flu just makes it that much harder, because the flu symptoms just make the anxiety that much worse.

I honestly wish I could just sleep for three days and wake up with the flu gone. Man, wouldn't that be fantastic? As you can imagine, it's just been that much harder for me to sleep. But now that I know it's the flu, here comes the NyQuil...

Boy, nothing puts your problems into perspective like a sudden illness.

And realizing how much support I have. Thanks, folks. That meant a lot. I apologize that part of my neuroses is that getting messages of support makes me feel uncomfortable; often, too uncomfortable to acknowledge it, because being withholding towards myself is really part of keeping that abuse cycle PTSD going. I know it can come across like I don't appreciate it. I really, really do. It kept me going when I wanted to just scuttle my online presence.

No one punishes me like me.


Roger Owen Green said...

Sorry you're feeling lousy, but frankly glad if it let's us know how you are. I care. We all do. And that offer I made via email still stands.

Janis Ian said...

Apologies if this is a duplicate - it looked like the whole thing went snafu.
I'm sorry you're feeling lousy. I have CFS and know how it feels when they can't figure out what's going on. It's crazy making sometimes.
If you're the same Samurai Frog who's been posting fabulous "Godzilla haiku" for a long time, and I've used many of them, please email me at I'd like to thank you if possible one on one.
Even if not, I'm thanking you here.