Friday, October 30, 2015

This Week in Neat-O

:: POSSESSION Perfected Acting, And It’s Terrifying (Possession is an amazing movie.)

:: Here's Why Libertarians Are Mostly Men (My sister almost got married to a guy who had the same sort of incorrect fantasies of being some kind of rugged economist. I can really trace the deterioration of their relationship to when he read Atlas Shrugged in his senior year of college...)

:: Stream the Complete Works of Bach & Beethoven: 250 Free Hours of Music

:: The 34 Year Old Male Who Bought FORCE AWAKENS Tickets Represents The Past (I'm very interested to see how The Force Awakens plays to the kids who grew up with the Prequels.)

:: This fan-made Crisis on Infinite Earths trailer is cute. A little bummed to not see Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman or Adam West's Batman, although anyone can tell you that Adam West's Batman is so campy that he ruins the nuanced subtlety of grown men in bat costumes.

(Also, I haven't said anything about it, but I thought the Supergirl pilot episode was really, really good. This review nails everything I dug about it.)

:: The final trailer for The Peanuts Movie hits the nostalgia button so hard it nearly breaks. That said, I really do want to see this movie.

:: This Never-Before-Seen Ghostbusters Concept Art Is Completely Incredible


MC said...

I remember having a conversation last year about seemingly innocuous words people use in their Twitter profiles and the like as self-descriptions which are huge red flags that they are assholes.

Libertarian was pretty much running neck and neck with atheist for the title of biggest red flag.

In these cases, it isn't just that they ARE that thing... it is that they feel compelled to tell you immediately. Like I'm an atheist/agnostic and this is one of those rare occasions which it feels relevant to share that information... in 99.8% of the time, no one really needs to know that, and thus, I don't volunteer it.

SamuraiFrog said...

I've come across this term "militant atheist" a lot online, and I see what it means. I used to be a lot pushier and more arrogant about being an atheist/agnostic, and I cringe at my old attitudes now.