Thursday, October 29, 2015


I love making jack o'lanterns. It's the only time of year I get to sit, design, create, and fabricate a creature. Last year's pumpkin creature, Nabiru, was my first time adding a prop into the mix. This year, I decided that instead of carving the pumpkin, I was going to paint it for the first time.

My idea was to go a little minimalist and create something emoji-like. So I thought... ghost. I've been seeing a lot of minimalist ghosts on Tumblr, and they're very cute. But then I wanted to do something more than just plain white with dot eyes, and I thought... ghost pig.

And so was born this year's pumpkin: Muncherdammerung.

I live in a farm town, so I'm sure there are ghost pigs floating around somewhere. Mine was achieved with white paint. I thought about carving him and hollowing out the ears, nose and mouth, and then using part of a plastic bottle so the nose would stick out. But that just seemed like a repeat of what I did last year, so I thought a while about how I could get some prop action out of the nose and ears.

What I ended up doing with the ears is cutting them out of cardboard and painting them. To get them to stick, I came up with the idea of unfolding a large paper clip half way, taping the ears to the clip, and then simply skewering it into the pumpkin itself. Went right in the exact amount I needed it to.

For the nose, I used the cap of a prescription pill bottle. I did the same paper clip trick, unfolding two halfway, then taping them into the underside of the cap, and shoved it right into the pumpkin. Then I painted over it white with a wide brush. It took about four coats to cover the instructions on the top completely. Then I just waited until the paint dried and painted on the eyes and the line mouth (you know I love my Charles M. Schulz-style line mouths), and painted the pumpkin stalk. I'm saying it's a little tuft of hair for personality.

It was fun to make. We watched movies, ate pizza, and painted pumpkins last night.

Muncherdammerung is a little nonplussed to find himself in a ghostly state, but I think he's starting to accept it.

Becca painted her pumpkin again this year, taking inspiration from one of the movies we watched last night.

Damn, she's good.

Painting was a different experience than carving. I already have a plan in mind for next year that involves carving, painting, and prop work, so we'll see how that turns out.

And there're our 2015 jack o'lanterns.


Jez In Dallas said...

That is a seriously awesome piece from Becca(yours is cool too!) Would she be willing/able to do something commission based on a plastic/not real pumpkin so I could keep it forever and ever? There would be no rush as I would display it year round. I’m thinking something with various horror icons? I’m a sucker for Halloween decorations year round (I have a scream mask, Jason mask, and machete on my wall in addition to many other things)

Kelly Sedinger said...


Becca said...

@Jez in Dallas- Can you say dream come true? I would LOVE to do a project like that! Send me an email we'll talk!

Roger Owen Green said...

She IS good!