Thursday, October 15, 2015

HALLOWEEN: Throwback Thursday

Some Halloweens past.

Here's my sister Jayne in 1982 with my maternal grandparents. I love the Jack O'Lantern on the right. He just looks really happy and excited that Halloween is coming.

Here we are in 1983. Jayne is wearing one of those Ben Cooper Halloween costumes (Cabbage Patch Kids), but by the ripe old age of 7, I felt like those were for babies. I was pretty excited to get to use makeup that year for my costume, going as a vampire. I even have those lame vampire teeth stuffed in my mouth. They were annoying, so I only put them in just before ringing someone's doorbell.

1984, the first of Jayne's 40 straight seasons going as a witch. I'm Mer-Man from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. The raincoat is supposed to be a reasonable substitution for the skin, I suppose. As a creature-loving kid, I was really excited to get a "real" mask that year. I'm not sure who made that mask, but it reminds me a little of Don Post Studios. I sweated so much in that thing.

1985 is one of the many, many years in which we have no pictures of my costume, which sucks. (There is one of Jayne, who went as, of course, a witch.) But this is a nice photo of the two of us with Dad carving pumpkins out on the deck.

Some old Halloween memories.

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Jason said...

I'm a few years older (46), but I remember the Ben Cooper costumes and how it felt like some kind of graduation to move on to Don Post masks and real make-up. Great childhood memories... thanks for sharing, Frog!