Friday, August 21, 2015

This Week in Neat-O

:: Bleeding Cool has a neat look at DC's November Loony Tunes variant covers and Marvel's September cosplay variant covers.

:: Interesting interview with Evan Dorkin about how the comics industry has changed and fandom has gotten worse.

:: Birth Movies Death has an article about the original (pre-Simon Kinberg) script for the new Fantastic Four movie, and that sounds like a movie I would watch.

:: The trailer for The Witch is... unsettling.

:: 9 Star Wars Toys That Were Canceled Before Anybody Could Buy Them. Also, someone scanned a Hasbro catalog full of The Force Awakens toys and put it on Facebook. I want a BB-8 figure, for sure. (Note: Nevermind, the catalog was removed from Facebook. Some pretty neat figures. No luggabeast toy, though. The luggabeast is my favorite thing I've seen so far other than BB-8. Creatures forever, man.) (For her part, Becca wants the Chewbacca Furby.)

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