Friday, August 07, 2015

This Week in Neat-O

:: Lionel Richie's stalkery music video for "Hello" is even creepier without the music.

:: Simon Pegg as a very drunk Ron Weasley wishes Harry Potter a happy birthday on The Tonight Show.

:: Undecided on this whole Deadpool thing. I watched the trailer for the trailer and the red-band trailer, and it looks like [long, snarky rant that just invites negativity that will be too emotionally draining for me to deal with that basically boils down to: probably not my kind of comic book stuff].

:: I thought Michael Keaton's episode of SNL last year was more off-putting than funny, so in that vein, here's an off-putting cut sketch.

:: This takes about 8 minutes, but it's well worth your time if you're interested in special effects. It's a defense of CGI effects, and it really makes the case that bad special effects aren't really the problem here. This is everything I've ever wanted to say about this thing, where people automatically write off CGI as bad and the sign of a bad movie, and practical effects as automatically good and wholesome. A lot of that always sounds like just old-fashioned tech-paranoia to me. (The horseless carriage will be the downfall of society!)

:: The Honest Trailer for Fantastic Four (Jessica Alba vehicle version). It's pretty right on. Although I am sick of everyone holding up The Incredible Objectivist Male Power Fantasy as "the perfect FF movie."

:: Dear White America: Your toxic masculinity is killing you.

:: This Smiths and Tears For Fears mashup is a perfect angst vortex. Also check out the one that mashes up the Commodores with the Cure. It works surprisingly well.

:: Someone unearthed this 1997 story reel for Shrek, back when Chris Farley was voicing the character. Very interesting to hear his take on the character.

:: Here's a preview for PBS' In Their Own Words: Jim Henson, which will air on September 15.

And speaking of Muppets... there's a new Muppet video and it won't wait till Monday!


Carl said...

The musicless video was hysterical. It really throws into relief how stalkery it is. And the sound of her fingers through the clay was the best part. Man, music videos are WEIRD.

SamuraiFrog said...

And the fact that it's his student that he's stalking is just the creepy icing on that.