Sunday, August 23, 2015

Song of the Week: "Brick"

It took me a little while with this song. Back in '98, when this one was a big hit, I was driving a delivery van for a living, and I only had a radio in the van. No tape deck, no CD, so I was at the mercy of flipping across a few listenable stations. You don't realize until you're in that position just how much popular stations really played the same stuff over and over again all day long. This song was pretty and after a few dozen listens, it came to be a pretty pleasant background. But because I was always preoccupied with work while I was listening to it, I didn't really listen to the lyrics for a very long time, and I didn't realize it was the prettiest song I'd ever heard about two teenagers getting an abortion. So, pretty, but sad. And it makes me nostalgic for... well, a time when I personally had fewer responsibilities. Fitting for a cold, dark, rain-tinged morning like I'm having here in Illinois.

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Oblio said...

This song is subversively good... the lyrics paint a very emotional thing that's happening in two people's lives, very honest and blunt. I think most peeps were with you, didn't really know the song's meaning until much later, then caught them by surprise. I hooked into it right away and would tell people about the storyline, they'd all go "WHAAA?" Thanks for the post!