Friday, July 24, 2015

This Week in Neat-O

:: Insanely Cute Cat Commercials from Studio Ghibli, Hayao Miyazaki’s Legendary Animation Shop

:: One of my favorite movies is Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. I've always wondered why Kerry and Kevin Conran never made another movie, and now the Telegraph has the answer in this piece: How Kerry Conran saw Hollywood's future - then got left behind.

:: How Franklin Became Peanuts‘ First Black Character, Thanks to a Caring Schoolteacher

:: The trailer for Chris Evans' directorial debut, Before We Go. Maybe not my kind of thing, but who knows?

:: I'm already seeing fanart based on the trailer for Pixar's The Good Dinosaur, but I'm just not feeling it. I know I'll see it eventually because I see everything animated, but I don't care for this at all. Wow, you don't even have to work that hard to make me interested in anything with a dinosaur in it, but animation studios seem to make me not care on a consistent basis.

:: Batman Is A Corny Dingus, And Superman Should Whomp His Ass. Yes, thank you. Everything I hate about the entire Batman vs. Superman pop culture conversation summed up. And I don't hate Batman, I just despise the moody fascist take on Batman that's so prevalent in pop culture right now. (For the record, I also hate daddy's little damaged slut Harley Quinn and hostile quippy asshole Spider-Man, too, which also seem to be the dominant pop culture interpretations.)

:: The Spectre trailer is pretty fab. One of the movies I'm really looking forward to, well, eventually seeing on cable next year. I don't have money to go see movies as much as I want, and this fall I'm going with Star Wars.

:: An oral history of Clueless. The fact that Clueless is 20 years old makes me feel tired.

:: I watched the trailer for The Curse of Downers Grove to see if it looked anything like Downers Grove, where it's set, because I grew up in Woodridge, the next town over, and have spent much of my life in Downers Grove. It did not look remotely like Downers Grove. Turns out it was filmed in Pomona, California.


Tallulah Morehead said...

The article on Sky Captain was very interesting. I too love that movie. I left the theater after seeing it opening weekend thinking "That movie is a sure-fire hit!" Oops. (I felt the same thing after seeing The Phantom of the Paradise, which also then went on to fail spectacularly at the box office.)

But it would seem their real mistake was not in having the film fail, it was in not keeping up the contacts they got to make through George Lucas. Many, many film-makers have bounced back from bombs, especially interesting, undeserved bombs. They got invited to the big kids' table and didn't make use of the opportunity, depriving us of the terrific movies they could have gone on to make. Sad story all around.

phoniexflames said...

I love the Tivoli theater in downtown downers grove. In fact, I saw "Casino Royale" there!

SamuraiFrog said...

Growing up in Woodridge, I used to go to the Tivoli quite often. My friend Alice and I would go there almost every week in my junior and senior years of high school just to go hang out and see movies. Hell, I even briefly worked there. That's a great theater.