Friday, July 17, 2015

This Week in Neat-O

Obviously, the neatest thing going on this week is all of the information and imagery that we're getting from the New Horizons Pluto mission. Here's the mission page at NASA, which is being updated every day.

:: Well, if nothing had gotten me xazzed for The Force Awakens before now, this Comic-Con behind the scenes video sure made me nostalgic. I can safely say I'm really, truly looking forward to this. io9 has a shot-by-shot breakdown, if that's your thing.

:: Some other trailers: Vikings Season 4, Ash vs. Evil Dead (the TV show I'm second most looking forward to this fall after The Muppets), Fantastic Four, season 2 of Fargo, and Innaritu's The Revenant.

:: There was also the big Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, which was more interesting to me than I thought it would be, honestly. I probably won't go see it in the theater, but it's a much better trailer than that teaser was. Interesting how many people are really excited about this considering how much they hated Zack Snyder's deconstructionist version of Superman two years ago. I'm interested to see if he plans on also deconstructing Batman, especially after a decade of Christopher Nolan's wiretapping costumed fascist.

Also, if they wanted Crispin Glover to play Lex Luthor so badly, why go to all the trouble of hiring Jesse Eisenberg to imitate him?

:: That said, the Suicide Squad preview looks like infinitely dumb.

:: Opening credit sequence for True Detective, season 2, Starsky & Hutch-style.

:: SCTV Archive posted a fantastic 8-minute video of an SCTV cast vs. crew baseball game from 1982.

:: Sad news about Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata passing away so young. Here is the E3 video the Jim Henson Company made this year for Nintendo.

:: What it’s like to be a contestant on MasterChef

:: Dwayne Johnson is impossible to hate, case file #417: Instagram prank

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