Sunday, July 19, 2015

Song of the Week: "But It's Alright"

JJ Jackson, 1966. Roger recently highlighted this song, and it gave me a bit of a nostalgia kick. Back in '94. Huey Lewis did a cover of this song that got a lot of radio airplay. At the time, I was still driving my first car, an '85 Chevy Nova that didn't have a tape deck, so I was at the mercy of the radio. As often happens when a cover of something old enough comes out, some radio stations started playing the original, which is more in the soul vein and which I liked a lot more. It always made me feel good listening to it on the way to my classes at College of DuPage. Man, I was not ready for college, even community college. But driving over in the autumn, cool air and clouds, this song made me feel like, well, it was alright.

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Oblio said...

Brilliant song, thanks for the post! I was in junior high 1968-70, and this song was a staple on the turntable at our Friday afternoon 'sock hops' after school. The opening guitar lick is iconic. Funny how a darkened junior high school gym can morph into a den of ecstasy for a bunch of dancing teens, but it totally was!!!!