Friday, May 15, 2015

This Week in Neat-O

:: Here's a Tumblr that exposes the rampant sexism in the film industry: Shit People Say to Women Directors (& Other Women Working in Film).

:: The Carbonite Maneuver, a fun, nerdy 1985-style fake trailer for a Star Wars/Star Trek crossover.

:: Red Sonja .gif animated in Filmation-style. I'd love to see an opening sequence animated like this.

:: Surprisingly interesting: the oral history of Big League Chew.

:: The preview for Netflix's Between--about a small town where a mysterious illness kills off everyone over the age of 22--goes in the maybe-but-probably file. I am home alone with nothing to do a lot.

:: The fan-made opening sequence for a Black Widow movie is pretty great. I would definitely watch this movie (I see the creator has Red Guardian in mind for a villain), and Brad Bird is a decent choice for director after Ghost Protocol. Lots of people debating on how we "deserve" a Black Widow movie, but I'm one of the people who'd kinda rather see a Netflix series and the 13 hours of character development we'd get with it. That's just a personal choice, though.

Interesting the credits for Clark Gregg and Ming-na Wen, too. Do you think they'll ever acknowledge that Coulson's alive over on the movie side. And with the Caterpillars file in play, how will season three of Agents of SHIELD play into Civil War? Stuff to wonder about for next year. I don't like some of the moral choices from this past season--look, we just want to take all the members of one population and index them on a list, how has that ever gone wrong in history, right?--so I'm curious where we go from here.

:: Everybody's all pissed off about the Supergirl trailer, but I really dig it. I'm surprised, but I'm actually looking forward to this. I love my geek stuff, but I am so over the so-called "geek community." When I was in high school, I barely knew anyone who was into comics or science fiction or fantasy. And you get told that bullshit about how fandom is a safe space because we're all outcasts and we all know what it's like to be outcasts, but no. It's just as full of bullies and know-it-alls as anywhere else. So now I have to endure being told constantly why my enthusiasm is wrong and why I shouldn't like anything I like, and it just makes me feel more alone in my nerdiness than before. The internet really sucks.

Someone has a good satirical take on the MRA outrage here.

:: Speaking of DC, should I be watching Arrow and The Flash? I see what they're doing sometimes and it makes me interested. I mean, they did Gorilla Grodd. Are they actually embracing the comic book silliness that DC Comics won't? I saw the trailer for Legends of Tomorrow and, I mean, Rip Hunter's on it, for gossakes. I saw Smallville a couple of times and I always hated it when I did, so... Torn.

:: Black Angel, the Roger Christian-directed short film that originally played in UK theaters before The Empire Strikes Back, unseen for 34 years!

:: You can play as the dinosaurs in Lego Jurassic World! Ahhh, I can't wait for this game!

:: Lego Star Wars: R2-D2 Unrestrained

:: Thank you, Ed Cumming, for your defense of another thing I love that the internet wants to stop me from enjoying: Jar Jar Binks.

:: Well, in spite of myself, I'm getting damn excited about the fall's upcoming The Muppets sitcom. I love the tone of the preview, and I love the mockumentary style they've gone with.

I think it's a great idea to go with this style; after all, what was 30 Rock but an adult version of The Muppet Show? I know some people are resisting this idea, but I think it's perfectly fitting, and I never really thought about it before, but this might be why Muppets Tonight ended up tanking. Some people just want The Muppet Show again, but you have to remember that The Muppet Show was spoofing variety shows, which were the dominant format on TV at the time. Today, the variety show is dead (Saturday Night Live keeps dancing on its grave), but we've had no shortage of mockumentary format single-camera sitcoms, so now the Muppets are spoofing today's dominant TV format. This is a brilliant idea. Frankly, it was a brilliant idea when Bill Prady pitched it a decade ago, and I'm so glad we're going with this now.

Yeah, I'm excited.

Bill Barretta is one of the creative leads on this, so I have hope that his characters will be around, particularly Pepe. (And, of course, he plays Rowlf, but I love his originals. Have you noticed that Bubba the Rat is getting more play lately? It's like having some of that missing Johnny Fiama energy back.) I'm also gratified to see Walter in the promo.

Long shot, but could we bring back Digit?

Here's everything we know about the show so far.

:: One last thing; you might remember Rob Pratt's short animated film Superman Classic, which was one of my favorite things of 2011. Pratt is back with another incredible short: Flash Gordon Classic. That had to be the capper to this week's session.


Sam G said...

100% agree on Supergirl. I'm looking forward to it. That animated Flash Gordon is pure joy.

phoniexflames said...

Regarding your questions about the Flash and Arrow, here is my two cents:

Arrow will frustrate the hell out of you. The show has just enough plot for about 22 great episodes... and then Oliver Queen has no reason to be Green Arrow anymore, because his role should really be that of Oliver Queen, Billionaire industrialist/philanthropist. Given your feelings on the Dark Knight, you will likely hate this show. It's got some good action sequences, though.

Flash is fun. Real fun. They fall a little bit into a bland unrequited love angle for a while, but pull out of it pretty solidly. To be candid, though, I haven't watched any new episodes for a little while because of schedule issues.

Jason said...

Totally agree on Supergirl. I saw the trailer/preview/whatever it was and thought it looked like tremendous fun, and then an hour later I was reading all this really venomous crap about how terrible it was. Left me completely baffled. But then, I'm feeling that way more and more about pop culture lately. I'm loving things I'm told are mediocre, if not outright crap, and I'm just not feeling the enthusiasm for the supposedly awesome stuff...

MC said...

I think the hinted Inhumanity storyline is going to play more into the MCU Civil War than the Secret Warriors honestly.

I was surprised how strongly Agents of SHIELD finished this season. I liked the finale a little more than Age of Ultron if you can believe that.

Tonio Kruger said...

I like that Supergirl trailer too. I don't know what all the fuss is about.

Roger Owen Green said...

Re sexism in TV and film: THIS.

Nathan said...

I also thought the Supergirl trailer looked cool, and I'm not sure why people are against it. Now I just have to remember to actually try watching it.