Friday, May 01, 2015

This Week in Neat-O

:: The Ten Best Sketches of Mr. Show reminds me that I am overdue for a rewatch of Mr. Show.

:: Cecily Strong killed it at the White House Correspondents Association Dinner.

:: An Oral History of Radiohead's OK Computer is fake but funny.

:: Leonard Bernstein's educational album What Is Jazz? is the kind of thing I like.

:: The photos that came out recently of juggalo/club kid Joker and sad, little-kid-being-punished-by-his-mother Batfleck that came out this week are pretty much why I'm not talking about the DC Cinematic Universe at all. I have no interest in it, so why bother complaining when I could just ignore it? The last thing I want is to have discussions about it.

Speaking of DC, though, if you haven't yet, read Gerry Conway's post about how DC has dismantled their creator equity participation policy. That bit about Power Girl is especially sickening to me.

:: The New York Times has an interview with David Letterman about his career. I haven't watched him for years, but it sure was fun watching him with my Dad when I was a kid. It always felt so sophisticated to get to stay up late and watch what the adults were watching.

:: Well, not so much neat stuff this week. And I've not been online a lot; trying to avoid Age of Ultron spoilers before going to see it on Sunday. Have a nice Friday.

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