Sunday, May 17, 2015

Song of the Week: "Overjoyed"

Like anybody, I find Stevie Wonder's 60's output magical, his 70's output transcendent, and his 80's output... uneven. "Overjoyed," from his 1985 album In Square Circle, was (to date) the final number one hit of his career (adult contemporary chart), and it's easy to see why: it sounds so much like his dreamy 1970s music. Of course, that's because it is; it was written in 1979 for his fascinating The Secret Life of Plants soundtrack album. It was re-recorded for the new album, but even the production, with sounds reminiscent of flowing, dripping, and raining water, is reminiscent of that earlier album. Stevie Wonder turned 65 this week, and this jazzy song just suddenly poured right into my head.

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