Monday, May 11, 2015

Muppet Monday

Well, I don't normally mean for this space to become a weekly round-up, but after last week's announcement that a new Muppet series is coming to TV (I'm guarded, but optimistic on that), there was a lot of other exciting stuff that happened when the Muppets came to YouTube LA.

It's easier to just link these, so here you go:

:: Miss Piggy's arrival.
:: Pepe taking charge.
:: 20 Facts About the Muppets.
:: Bunsen and Beaker explore the science of toothpaste.
:: That "Cool Kids" a cappella I posted last week.

And here's Josh Groban and Lindsey Stirling performing "Pure Imagination" with the Muppets and some pies in the face.

Still feeling Muppety? Some other stuff that came to my attention this week: Tough Pigs has rundowns of two episodes of The Cher Show that featured Muppet appearances; Mark Evanier has a video from a 1965 episode of The Tonight Show featuring two sketches (including "Inchworm"); and the unaired pilot from 1979 for The Orson Welles Show (thank you to Roger and to Garrett Gilchrist for this). This is a rough one; the Muppets don't come in until the 41-minute mark, but around 54 minutes Welles interviews Jim Henson and Frank Oz, too. It's weird show, and it's easy to see why it never aired. It's like an uncomfortable 75-minute version of that pea commercial recording session...

And hey, what the hell, my wife drew this last night:

Happy Muppet Monday!

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