Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ranking Al: #100-91

100. "Trash Day"
(Parody of "Hot in Herre" by Nelly; from Poodle Hat, 2003)
This song reminds me a lot of my childhood. Mainly because I was not a clean kid, and I let the mess pile up until it was a real problem. Weird Al proves once again that he's one hell of a rapper. The parody is a little bit like shooting fish in a barrel, but it works.

99. "My Baby's in Love with Eddie Vedder"
(Original; from Running with Scissors, 1999)
My first girlfriend after high school was totally in love with Eddie Vedder and, like a weird amount of people I knew who were at the tail end of Generation X, obsessed with her own status as an Xer. So making fun of someone who can't get over the Pearl Jam frontman is pretty funny to me. Doing it as a zydeco song? That's just,,, that's so unexpected that it ends up being pretty brilliant. He gets the sound down, too.

98. "Nature Trail to Hell"
(Original; from "Weird Al" Yankovic in 3-D, 1984)
This was a Halloween staple for me for a lot of years when I was younger. Today, I get a bit antsy from the length, and the lyrics don't sound shocking and edgy like they did when I was 12. I love the production and the instrumentation a lot; there are those bells again. As a trailer for a fictional slasher movie, this one kind of begs for a video. (Backmasked message at 3:40: "Satan eats Cheez Whiz!")

97. "Grapefruit Diet"
(Parody of "Zoot Suit Riot" by Cherry Poppin' Daddies; from Running with Scissors, 1999)
Oh, third wave ska, you weren't over soon enough. Al goes back to the "guy who's really fat well" and sings a tune about a guy starting a diet, but as a fat guy, his songs about fat people never sound insulting to me.

96. "Sports Song"
(Original; from Mandatory Fun, 2014)
I feel like Al is just challenging himself to write a song in every style he can think of. For some reason, I really hope that means he's going to record a rag... This fight song is just a fun bit of silliness, insubstantial as a cloud but enjoyable.

95. "One of Those Days"
(Original; from Polka Party!, 1986)
Al has a bad day that escalates all the way up to global annihilation. It's a funny song, but musically it sounds a bit dated. It did get me through some frustrated days as a kid, though, and the lyrics--combining mundane irritations with over-the-top worst-case scenarios--are hysterical.

94. "Don't Wear Those Shoes"
(Original; from Polka Party!, 1986)
The major difference between this song and the previous song for me is just that this one sounds so much like the Kinks. Even Al acknowledged it. But it's so much fun to listen to.

93. "Generic Blues"
(Blues parody; from UHF, 1989)
Al sings the blues, with a list of bad happenings and bad feelings that gets more and more over the top with each verse. It's kind of obvious to do a hyperbolic blues song, but it's funny and the instrumentation is great. Favorite line: "Maybe it's a chemical imbalance or something." I also love the great guitar solo bookended by "Make it talk, son, make it talk" and "Okay, now make it shut up." Hey, BB King said it was one of his favorite blues song, so it must work.

92. "I Remember Larry"
(Style parody of Hilly Michaels; from Bad Hair Day, 1996)
I've never heard Hilly Michaels, so I can't speak to the style parody, but I like the music on this one. It's about a prankster whose pranks get worse and worse, and then takes a dark turn as the narrator has his revenge; the dark lyrics juxtaposed with the upbeat music just makes me laugh. This one has a backmasked message at 3:10. ("Wow, you must have an awful lot of free time on your hands.")

91. "CNR"
(Style parody of the White Stripes; from Alpocalypse, 2011)
Chuck Norris Facts was one of the worst things that happened to America. Not only were they not funny, but I just couldn't cotton to the weird hero worship cult that grew around noted Total Gym pitchman and maker of some of the shittiest films ever made Chuck Norris. I just didn't like seeing that homophobic, Huckabee-endorsing, birther asshole turned into a figure of fun. So that whole meme was pretty ripe for satirizing, and along comes Weird Al with a song about awesome, made-up Charles Nelson Reilly Facts. They're in the same ultra-manly vein, but because CNR is so unlikely, they're actually funny. The video's just hilarious gravy.

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Roger Owen Green said...

*'m actually excited that none of my top 20 songs are on this list. In fact, except for Gump, none have been, I think.

SamuraiFrog said...

This has been a harder list, because except for the first two posts I did, I don't actively dislike any of his songs!